CityLink Wi-Fi to enable location based advertising services.

18 Sep 2014

CityLink Wi-Fi is providing location based advertising services, the first of its kind in New Zealand.

With an audience of 85K to 100K in Wellington CBD, there is a moving population at all times of the day and night distributed at different locations around the city. This population is using cbdfree, the free Wi-Fi Service from CityLink or other private Wi-Fi channels of CityLink to access the internet. With this CityLink can map their location in Wellington CBD.

So whether it’s a retail outlet having a special promotion, a bar promoting a special offer, a restaurant promoting a special theme, a movie or theatre performance, they can target customers as they pass a location which could generate a walk-in. This service can also be used by consumer brands that want to create impulse purchase like beers, chocolates and food brands.

Besides location, customers can be targeted based on time of day, whether they are local residents or visitors and whether they are at a particular event.

 “CityLink will make your promotion dollars work harder with accurate targeting and dynamic messaging. And with the smart phone being an inseparable part of one’s life, the opportunities are limitless”, says Nick Willis, CEO of CityLink Ltd

A case in point is the most recent Rugby Test between All Blacks and Springboks where 30% of those connectingwhere new to Wellington and the most popular hang-outs for visitors was the Queens Wharf from noon to 6pm and 9pm to midnight before Courtney Place hitting it off from midnight to 4pm.

CityLink is gearing up for the sporting calendar 2015 which will see the Cricket World Cup and the Under 19 FIFA World Cup bring in visitors in large numbers. And the quick footed marketer will be the winner.

For more information call Nick on 0800 424895.