CBDFREE is a service that offers a free wireless Internet connection to members of the public throughout Wellington’s Golden Mile.

CBDFREE is CityLink’s contribution towards making our great city Wellington just that little bit greater. A free wifi service open to anyone and everyone, CBDFREE covers the large portion of downtown Wellington known as the ‘Golden Mile’

In addition to bringing free internet to the masses, CBDFREE is also a unique advertising opportunity. Each time a member of the public goes to connect, they are prompted to view a Video ad and if interested click on the advertiser banner. They’re then shown a dedicated page displaying content for that advertiser. The user then just has to click the ‘Start my Wi-Fi’ button and they are given 30 minutes of free internet. If half an hour isn’t enough to quench their web thirst, then the user is prompted to view another ad.

Since its introduction in September 2011 CBDfree has proven to be a hit amongst Wellingtonians. With around 7000 unique users everyday and averaging about half a million individual sessions every month, the free network has grown in leaps and bounds with no signs of slowing down. To many people, CBDFREE has become part of Wellington's unique fabric - as iconic as the wind and the trolley buses.