The CityLink Experience

CityLink has always been about transforming business by transforming broadband. We delivered serious broadband into Wellington when everyone was still on dialup; we put broadband in your hand even as you walk the streets; we work behind the scenes to make your internet fast, fair and local; we help the Police keep you safe; we enable Wellington to be a ‘place talent wants to live’.


CityLink has been the subject of accolades from remarkable and inspirational people such as Vint Cerf - who praised us for transforming broadband, and Rod Drury - for enabling Xero to transform their business, and from others from Wellington public and private sectors whose business we have enabled.

But we’re not about being all things to all people – there’s a whole industry of ICT companies in New Zealand with experts in their particular technology; when you’re talking to them, they’re often talking to us.  We were one of the pioneers of NZ telecommunications and are now an integral part of the ICT ecosystem. 

CityLink is all about focusing on what you want to achieve and collaborating with all the right people to create a great solution.  We believe in building relationships, taking the time to understand what others value and to have a bit of fun doing it.  We’re more than a little proud of the hard work and quality workmanship that has been put into our networks. We don’t outsource our network builds - our network is the result of dedicated CityLinkers who spend their days and nights up ladders, in ditches or staring at a router interface.

But the one mantra which is at the core of everything we do and, that our customers say they value most about us, is that we are ‘easy to do business with’. 

So we encourage you to engage with us – maybe you’ve got a specific project in mind, maybe you just want to talk about how something might work – give us a call, or better yet, pop in for Friday drinks – you’re always welcome!