CityLink and Noviflow to create 1st SDN Based Internet Exchange in the World

12 Nov 2013

CityLink and Noviflow have signed an agreement to create the 1st SDN Based Internet Exchange in the World.

12 November 2013

CityLink and Noviflow today announced their agreement for the supply of Software Defined Networking (SDN) equipment, which will be deployed in New Zealand’s Internet Exchange Points (IXP’s) around the country.
Chief Technology Officer Jamie Baddeley said that “..the agreement is the conclusion of an exhaustive set of tests of key SDN switching vendors that has taken place at CityLink over the last 12 months. We have very exacting requirements when it comes to SDN and the IXP. Noviflow clearly demonstrated their capability and commitment to very high performance Software Defined Networking, and because of that we’re innovating the future architecture of Internet Exchange Points with them..”

According to Dominique Jodoin, President and CEO of NoviFlow Inc: “CityLink is the perfect partner and New Zealand is the ideal market for NoviFlow to do pioneering work in SDN: big enough to make things happen, and small enough to make things happen fast!” He adds: “NoviFlow is very pleased that our OpenFlow 1.3 compliant switches will be a key element in CityLink's implementation of SDN into their network. NoviFlow delivers the capacity needed by CityLink’s flow intensive innovative intelligent edge applications.”

This evolution of the IXP architecture with SDN technology (SDX) is centred on delivering a more secure, stable and visualized Internet Exchange Point, with an embedded traffic forwarding policy, offering 100% predictable behaviour and better compliance with Internet Engineering Taskforce (IETF) best current practice recommendation 38 amongst other things.  Mr Baddeley says that this approach is the first of its type in the world, with all IXP architectures worldwide facing similar challenges.

About CityLink
CityLink is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NZX publically listed TeamTalk group of companies, and operator of New Zealand’s Internet Exchange Points ( It also was the pioneer of widely available urban fibre networks, having provided ultra fast broadband services since 1995. It was also one of the very first in the world to operate a highly distributed Internet exchange point early in the 21st century.

About NoviFlow
NoviFlow Inc. provides high-performance OpenFlow-based switching solutions to network operators and cloud operators seeking greater control and flexibility over their networks. The company was the first to offer a high-performance OpenFlow 1.3 compliant switch on the market, delivering up to 200 Gbps of OpenFlow throughput, 1000 flow-mods per second and supporting up to 1Million flow-table entries. NoviFlow has offices in Sunnyvale, CA, Cambridge, MA, Seattle, WA and Montreal, Canada. For more information, please visit Follow NoviFlow on Twitter @NoviFlowInc

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