CityLink Transforms

09 Jul 2012

CityLink has been banging out networks since 1995 and was the first to provide true “Serious Broadband” using Ethernet and fibre optic technologies. Now times have changed. The market has changed, technology has changed and the industry has changed, and CityLink has been changing. We are no longer just about “Serious Broadband”, we’ve evolved.

We have a new mission on our radar: “Transforming Broadband | Transforming Business” We will be taking broadband connectivity to new levels and helping transform businesses. The obvious and best place to start this mission is in our own back yard. Over the coming weeks, you will see CityLink’s transformation become more obvious. This week you will discover a new, exciting and easy to navigate CityLink website, plus you will notice the cool new branding on our vehicles.

All this is in preparation for an intense period of broadband and business transformation. It doesn’t stop there though; the most exciting stuff for you is approaching fast. Over the coming weeks and months you’ll see further new products launched, starting with our new WiFi product suite due for release in mid-July. Our industry is undergoing a transformational change and CityLink are here to help you transform your business with innovative technology and services to give you your best competitive position.