"Dedicated Fibre is best for businesses"

15 Sep 2014

UFB has certainly pushed fibre into the public eye, but it’s not for everyone.

“There’s a misconception that because UFB is the latest kid on the block, it’s the best,” says Nick Willis, CityLink chief executive.

“But dedicated fibre has been out there for a number of years, providing better service and more flexibility.”

CityLink is one of the companies offering P2P fibre for businesses and operates an intercity broadband network, along with offering dark fibre and ethernet metropolitan and national networks.

Dedicated fibre offers uncontended – or unshared – fibre, offering more stable and consistent bandwidth than UFB, where when the network is congested it slows down.

Optimus Systems, an Internet Service Provider notes that while UFB will most likely be an improvement in your current internet performance, ‘only premium fibre can deliver reliable performance and provide guaranteed support’.

Willis agrees, saying while UFB is a ‘great product in the residential market’ and brings new levels for that market, it can be a step backwards for business.

“UFB brings a new price point to the market at the entry level, but businesses really looking to take advantage of fibre are not moving to UFB, they’re staying with dedicated fibre. We’re selling more fibre connections than ever before,” he adds.

He adds that UFB has raised expectations in the market and prompted businesses to begin looking at fibre. “And when they dig into the details, they realise that dedicated fibre can be a better option.”

Willis says UFB might be a great way to connect a single customer to a single service provider, but it can’t be used for multi-site offices or data centres in the cloud.

And, he cautions: “Things like SDN don’t work on top of the UFB framework, because it’s not built that way.”

He says CityLink is seeing plenty of demand for dedicated fibre, particularly as more companies move compute resources into the data centre.

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