The NZ Art Show – Showcasing Grand New Zealand Art, and Event WiFi

27 Jul 2014
NZ Art Show CityLink Gallery

The NZ Art Show has always been a major calendar event in Wellington and New Zealand. This year, over 300 artists and 11000 art connoisseurs converged on the 4 day event which began with the Gala Evening on 24th July and continued with show days from 25th to 27th July.

With over 3500 exhibits, an overwhelming 50% were sold at the show.

CityLink has been a proud partner of the NZ Art Show since its inception, CityLink’s technology ingenuity syncing well with the NZ Art Show’s celebration of inherent NZ originality.

In the 11th chapter of the Art Show, CityLink showcased a new experience. Visitors to the Art Show were greeted with a Free WiFi Service from CityLink. They could interact with the show in many ways. Voting for the Signature Art Award was one of them. 10 top artists shortlisted for the Signature Art Award of $ 5000 had their pieces on display at the exclusive wall in the Show. Using the WIFI service, visitors could vote online for their favourite artwork.

In another interactive tool, artists had QR Codes on their walls which linked online to information about the artist, his repertoire of art, his inspirations - a useful guide for many. And then there was Social Media:  Facebook Likes of the NZ Art Show page and Tweets on #NZArtShow. 1400 users used the online medium to interact with the show, an encouraging outcome for CityLink.

According to Nick Willis, CEO of CityLink, “As a partner for the NZ Art Show, we certainly built a bond with the audience through the Event WiFi. And we see an increasing trend of Event WiFi in coming months.”

Event WiFi from CityLink enables event organisers to make sponsor brands more visible to their audience.

“Event Sponsors of Sports Events, Music Concerts, Conferences, Exhibitions have been constantly looking to rationalise big spends on events. This is now imminent with Event WiFi,” he said.

Carla Russell, Executive Director of the NZ Art Show said, “The CityLink WiFi at the NZ Art Show was super quick and easy to use. We were thrilled with the introduction of Event WiFi and the online activity at the Show.”

Commenting on its future potential she added, “We are very excited about the extensive possibilities of WiFi and new ideas around Social Media as we take this idea to the next level at the 2015 edition.”