The Team

Business Development

Building engaging relationships and understanding what our customers' value are key cultural values at CityLink.  At the forefront of developing emerging opportunities and building new relationships is our Business Development team.  


CityLink is best known for its expertise in building fibre optic networks, and the core of that expertise is our engineering team.  They are responsible for designing our network, managing core nodes, guiding design and safety best practice.  The Engineering Team is always proactively looking at new ways to improve and expand the network - improvement which ultimately improves the service to our customers.

Service Delivery

When it comes to actually delivering a service to our customer, our Service Delivery Team leap into action.  These are the guys in vans who spend their days, and often nights, up poles, in manholes, in building basements and risers splicing together glass cables so small they can barely be seen. We tend to see the Service Delivery Team as the heart of the company for their unerring delivery of workmanship and great service.

Network and Systems

Often behind the scenes, our Network and Systems Team is also responsible for delivering services to our customers.  It is this team that develops and delivers the Ethernet and WiFi networks that enable CityLink to offer unique services. This team also acts as our customer helpdesk and receives frequent praise for their rapid and exceptionally capable handling of customer issues.


CityLink has always been a price leader in the market; We pride ourselves on offering exceptional value to our customers and TeamTalk group shareholders.  One of the key drivers of CityLink's success to date has been our financial management driven by the Finance Team.

Account Management

We strive to maintain collaborative partnerships with our customers as they grow, develop and become more successful in their field of business. Our Account Management and Service teams exist to build relationships and maintain proactive communication with our customers.