Peering - ExchangeNet

ExchangeNET is a collection of internet exchanges facilitating independent exchange of IP traffic between peer organisations. The largest of the exchanges are the Auckland Peering Exchange (APE), Dunedin Peering Exchange (DPE), Wellington Internet Exchange (WIX) and Christchurch Internet Exchange (CHIX).

The exchanges are common meeting place into which ISPs and other organisations connect and can freely exchange traffic.

Dynamic Multilateral Peering

CityLink runs BGP route servers on the exchanges enabling you to receive routes from all multilateral peers.  This saves you the need to communicate with every peering organisation and agree bilateral routes.


If you are a high-volume generator or consumer of local internet traffic, ExchangeNET offers a economic high-performance way to connect directly to ISPs and to your customers.  Rather than routing all of your traffic through a single ISP, ExchangeNET allows you to independanty connect to customers.

No Bottlenecks

ExchangeNET services come in a small number of extremely cost effective port speeds (100Mb, 1Gb, 10Gb).  There is no other rate limiting on the peering exchanges - you are able to exchange data with other peers as fast as you require.

No Metering

There is no data charging on ExchangeNET.  ExchangeNET traffic does not traverse your ISP's network so will not be metered by them in any way.  


Auckland (APE) and Wellington (WIX) peering exchanges are distributed across the CityLink network meaning we can deliver a port anywhere on these networks.  


A further advantage of this is that there are no single points of failure for routing traffic over the exchange.  This encourages some peers to use the exchange as a redundant network path to connect to peers such as upstream providers or to other parts of their network.