Wide Area Networks - CityBRIDGE

CityBRIDGE is an Ethernet link used to connect offices in different cities to ensure fast and secure communications between your national locations.


CityBRIDGE offers high speed, guaranteed bandwidth between your locations in different cities. This enables you to centralise or decentralise your IT infrastructure and operate your business resulting in a mix of performance and cost that best suits your business.


You are provided with a dedicated VLAN between your locations ensuring that your data is segregated for other CityBRIDGE customers. This allows you to avoid the cost and performance overheads of running a VPN between centres.

Cost Effective

At CityLink we believe an abundance of bandwidth is a better solution than using QoS and accelerator technologies to squeeze more out of a small pipe. Our CityBRIDGE services are designed to offer lots of bandwidth at cost effective rates.