Dark Fibre - FibreLINK

CityLink Dark Fibre offers you the highest possible control over your critical network infrastructure enabling the ultimate combination of performance security and reliability.

Dark Fibre

FibreLINK is a true Dark Fibre solution meaning that you are provided an uninterrupted light path between your key infrastructure locations.  This gives you total freedom over the choice of technology, protocols and purpose.  Our customers use our dark fibre to deliver diverse technologies such as ISDN, ATM or Ethernet; it is sub-divided using CWDM, and used for bandwidths up to 40Gbps.


FibreLink was the original CityLink service - we have more experience providing dark fibre solutions than any other company in New Zealand.  Unlike some dark fibre products, FibreLink is designed to be a high performance, high resiliency, infrastructure empowering service.  We have a huge depth of passion and expertise and are only too happy to share that with you as you design and build your infrastructure.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and security are an inherent benefit of FibreLINK because data is not being switched, routed, or tunneled over a service provider's network – instead customers receive a dedicated purpose built point-to-point fibre circuit for their exclusive use. All FibreLINK services are delivered as fibre to the floor.

Route Transparency & Diversity

As CityLink owns its own metropolitan area mesh networks in Wellington and Auckland, we are able to build your FibreLink along specific routes.  This is most frequently used to build two physically diverse routes across the CityLink network or provide a diverse path from another fibre network.  This enables you to deliver the very highest level of network resiliency and performance.