Xtreme Networks

Most businesses would like their external and internet connections to work as well as their internal LAN's (Local Area Networks), this high performance partnership between Xtreme Networks and CityLink shows how this dream can be realised.  Xtreme Networks is a specialised Wellington based ISP providing complete communication solutions to businesses all over the country since 2001.
From humble beginnings as a small business based in Wellington's northern suburbs, Xtreme Networks has grown rapidly and are now situated in the CBD and although they can use all the available networks their premium products are based on CityLink services.

An Xtreme Challenge

Starting with their own webhosting needs, Xtreme soon realised the need for economy and performance in terms of value, support and high performance connectivity. Xtreme Networks demand this vision of extreme performance not only for themselves but also for their customers. They needed a partner who could deliver and support high performance connections, and that partner is CityLink.

Our Xtreme Solution

CityLink provides Xtreme Networks with Connect4 and PublicLAN (last mile connection from customer to Xtreme their ISP) and ExchangeNET (Peering: direct networking between generators and consumers of Internet traffic) which provides them and their customers with the performance they demand. It works like this Xtreme Networks customers can connect to each other and the internet at speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second via the CityLink fibre optic network and because their traffic is routed via CityLink's "ExchangeNET" service, which is a neutral Internet peering exchange. This means their traffic is always routed in the most direct and cost efficient manner and it is possible for Xtreme Networks to provide their customers with the same level of support that they would get if Xtreme were located directly on their own LAN's.

Xtreme Benefits

Xtreme Networks use CityLink as their most reliable, cost effective and high performance network provider, and by doing this their customers benefit from extreme performance and very high levels of support. Xtreme Networks now spend a lot less time dealing with technical problems and have more time to focus on expanding their business. "We don't need to carry so many staff now which has enabled us to grow rapidly," says Dion Hallam, Co-Director of Xtreme Networks. "We wouldn't be where we are today without CityLink".